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How do GenTree Discover Learning Assessments work?


A patent-pending multi-sensory assessment approach

When should I use GenTree Discover Learning Assessments?


Three times a school year (optimal) to gauge starting points and progress

Where should I use GenTree Discover Learning Assessments?


Online with Max the Bear, our lovable scientist

Why should I use GenTree Discover Learning Assessments?


Science! Quick identification means a higher probability to achieve academic potential

Multi-Sensory Online Learning Assessments

GenTree Discover is a patent-pending, multi-sensory online learning assessment tool that establishes a foundational learning profile that captures an individual’s learning styles, methods of expressions, and social learning preferences. With a GenTree Discover Tailored Learning Profile in hand, parents and teachers are empowered with the knowledge they need to engage, motivate, and enhance a child’s learning experience––regardless of whether the child is typically developed or exhibits learning differences and/or learning disabilities.

Our innovative, child-friendly assessment app can also help jumpstart and/or augment a teacher’s formative assessment process, providing key insight on an individual student’s social behavior and learning path.

A portion of every sale goes to TR Gentry Foundation to help pay for assessments of underprivileged kids.

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